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How is everyone's wellness routine going? Are you keeping up with the daily challenges? Getting used to using oils in your everyday life?

Today, we are going to talk about Melaleuca oil. I LOVE THIS OIL!!! It's a staple at our house...like many others. But this one really is one I would never want to be without.

Watch the video below, then tell me how YOU love to use Melaleuca!

Isn’t dōTERRA’s website such a great resource?!? Let’s check out the Product Spotlight on melaleuca, then comment with something new you learned! This comes from the dōTERRA Blog section of the website.

Let’s continue our discussion about Melaleuca with a fun recipe for "Owie Spray."

Watch the video, then tell us about a time you WISH you would have had some Owie Spray!

Daily Challenge Time!

Today your challenge is to make your own Owie Spray! Don’t worry if you don’t have a spray bottle, you can put this concoction in a little glass dish, a tupperware container, or whatever you’d like! Just make sure you have it on hand because this one will soon be a staple in your home!

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