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Today we're going to talk LEMON OIL!!! If you don't love lemon oil, it's probably because you haven't opened the bottle yet. ;) This oil is A-MAZING and I use it every day. I can't wait to hear some of YOUR ideas about how you use lemon! Ready...set....GO!

Also, here is the link to the Lemon article in the Spring 2015 Living Magazine that was mentioned in the video. The article is on page 10, but if you want to learn more about Co-Impact Sourcing and dōTERRA’s partnership with the growers of our lemon oil, start on page 8!

Citrus oils like lemon, orange, and grapefruit are some of our most popular scents. They are so uplifting and energizing, you will LOVE using them in your family! HOWEVER…an important note about citrus oils is that they are photosensitive. That means that if you use citrus oils topically, you will want to avoid direct sun exposure for 8-12 hours afterward. You can get an awful sunburn if you apply citrus oils topically and then expose that skin to sunlight (or tanning beds, as one friend learned the hard way…ouch!)

This graphic is a great resource that will help you remember which oils are photosensitive. Your oil bottles are clearly labeled for your safety as well. Keep in mind, you can still use photosensitive oils on areas of your skin that are covered. For example, if you find the wild orange oil helps reduce a child’s anxious feelings, apply it topically on his/her chest under the shirt. Alternatively, you can apply citrus oils to a piece of clothing rather than to your skin. That way you can enjoy the aroma without concern about photosensitivity!

Many people come to us looking for good quality essential oils specifically for the purpose of making homemade cleaning products. Did you know this was such a simple and affordable thing to do? Let’s get ready to CLEAN!!

Recipe for All Purpose Cleaning Spray:

Purify oil blend is another great essential oil to make fridge refreshers with! The recipe calls for Purify, but I love to make lemon refreshers. So many fun choices!

The question, “Which diffuser is right for me?” inevitably comes up as people begin using oils. It’s a great question! Having the right diffuser for your room space can make all the difference in the aroma, but also the benefits that you receive. Check out this diffuser comparison chart. Among other features, it lists the square footage each diffuser will cover. Very helpful! Many people have just one diffuser when they start, but after becoming a regular oil user, you will probably find you start accumulating one for every room of your house! How many diffusers do you have in your home now?!?!

Daily Challenge Time!

  1. Try drinking 1-2 drops of lemon oil in your water at least once today. Consider trying the hot lemon water routine in the morning!
  2. Talk to us about one way you plan to incorporate lemon oil into your cleaning routine! 
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