Hey Campers! Are you ready to wrap this thing up? We’re going to miss you guys and this awesome community of support you have helped to create! There are a few more posts today than usual, but we think you’ll find it well worth your time. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE DAY of Oil Camp.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the benefits and uses of essential oils for our homes and families. But today, we want to expand your awareness to the impact you have on the world when you purchase dōTERRA products. This first video clip will explain the sourcing model dōTERRA uses to ensure that we have 1) the best essential oils in the world; 2) sustainable farming and harvesting practices, and 3) economic impact in areas of the world that really need it. This sourcing model makes dōTERRA very unique among essential oil companies.

Now that you understand what Co-Impact Sourcing is, take a look at how this plays out in real life in Haiti…one of the MANY countries dōTERRA has partnered with to help grow their economy and increase their standard of living.

If you enjoyed that and want to see another one of my favorites, watch what dōTERRA is up to in Nepal. You might need some tissues…fair warning. Make sure to watch this one all the way through to the end...it seems like it's over about halfway through, but then they continue to the best part of the story. You won't want to miss it!

For your last Daily Challenge, we would really appreciate some feedback on your Oil Camp experience. It will help us more than you know in creating an even better experience for the campers to come. Click the link below to take an anonymous survey and share any ideas you have to make Oil Camp even better!

(Other than getting rid of our compliant language… ;) )

When you’ve completed the survey, just type “Done!” in the comments below.

Ready for your final EXTRA-MILER opportunity?

If you are ready to purchase more dōTERRA products and earn free stuff using a Loyalty Rewards Order, we invite you to consider checking this little box (circled in red in the screenshot posted in the comments) to add $1 to your order in support of the Healing Hands Foundation. What is so small for so many of us, means so much to so many others. And while $1 is just $1, if enough of us do it, it adds up to be a pretty life-changing impact for those in need.

I’d also like to mention that the dōTERRA executives cover ALL of the administration costs of running the Healing Hands Foundation. What that means is 100% (ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!) of our donations go directly toward the projects that impact PEOPLE. That is rare when donating to a cause...most of the time only a portion of your donation goes to the people the cause is intended to serve, and the other part goes to the organization's overhead. Not here!

If you decide to accept this challenge, just comment below that you did it and your EXTRA-MILER CHALLENGE is complete!


I should have mentioned, there are larger donation options available as well. If you prefer to donate $5, $10, $25, etc a month, simply start typing "Healing Hands" into the search bar on your monthly order and you can select whatever amount you'd like. You guys are fantastic!

So this is KIND OF the end….but not REALLY. ;)

We have several fun things coming your way!

1. First and foremost: PRIZES. Points can be earned by commenting and completing challenges. The points will be tallied and prizes will be mailed!

2. To follow up from one of our BONUS CHALLENGES, comment below if you actually MADE your First Aid kit and you will receive 10 bonus points!

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