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How is everyone’s wellness routine going? Are you enjoying starting (and expanding) new daily habits? Today we’re going to talk about one of our favorite oils, Breathe!

Are you ready for a laugh? We’re going to teach you a REALLY simple DIY trick using Breathe oil. It looks a little ridiculous, but it works WONDERS!!

For today’s challenge, simply pick one new way to use Breathe oil and do it! Tell us about it in the comments. Remember, today is the last day to earn points for Week 1!

(Suggestion: I leave a bottle of Breathe oil in my shower. Once the water is nice and hot, I put a drop of Breathe oil on the floor of the shower just past the edge of the water spray. Then I take several deep breaths as it steams up, allowing my lungs to expand fully and really "wake up". It's a fantastic way to start the day!)

Ready for your EXTRA-MILER Challenges??

We are going to give you all 3 now, and you can choose when and how many you want to complete. Remember, each EXTRA-MILER challenge gives you 10 bonus points! You can complete each challenge ONE TIME. (So if you make two DIY projects of your own, only one counts for points.)

Your options are posted in the comments below. You have until midnight on the last day of Oil Camp to complete these challenges. To maintain some order for our point tracker, when you go to report your completed challenge, please REPLY TO THE COMMENT THAT CORRESPONDS WITH THE CHALLENGE YOU COMPLETED. Have fun with this!

Challenge Option #1: Find a DIY recipe of your own and make it (could be food, dryer balls, spa products, whatever you want!) Post a picture of your completed item and the link to the recipe!

Challenge Option #2: Watch this valuable discussion (24 minutes) with Dr. Hill that dives deeper into essential oil usage and safety. Then post some interesting tidbits you learned!


Challenge Option #2: Check out dōTERRA’s Science Blog! Pick 2 articles that interest you and share a few tidbits you enjoyed! (If you're more of a science nerd than a DIY-er, this one is for you!) ;)

Challenge Option #3: Head to dōTERRA’s website and select 3 additional oils to learn about. Read the info and/or watch the video and share some usage ideas with us!


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